- Getting started with Andrew File System and OpenAFS

OpenAFS server tutorial for Debian GNU/Linux

OBS: This page is about setting up an OpenAFS server: Unless this is what you explicitly want, you are probably looking for the page about configuring an OpenAFS Client.

So you want to set up an AFS cell? The following is a guide about how to set up a basic cell on servers running Debian GNU/Linux. The purpose is just to get you up and running with a working setup. You should still read up on Kerbeors and (see the suggested reading page.).

OpenAFS server tutorial

The guide is split up into the following parts (start from the first one and work your self through):

  • Prerequisites What you should have prepared and an overview of server names etc. used in this guide.
  • Basic server setup Configuration of your hosts before installing Kerberos and OpenAFS software.

Backup of OpenAFS


Nice to know and tips about AFS Various content which might be of interest to you.

If you have any input on how to explain something better in this guide or if you found an error, see the section “Contribution” on the about page. Your input is much appreciated.

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